"Get the job in Germany" - job application training for foreigners

"Get the job in Germany" - job application training for foreigners

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Individual training

  • Orientation and reflection
    • Know your potential
    • Chances in Germany
    • Choose the right career in Germany
  • Application papers
    • Layout and structure
    • How to write a CV and cover letter
    • Recognition of foreign qualifications
  • Find a job – German job boards
    • Find the right platform
    • Optimizing your profile
    • Looking for the right job 
  • Application process
    • Getting in touch with companies
    • Preparing the job interview
    • German manners in business context

This workshop is specially conceptualized for immigrants looking for a job in Germany who want to improve their chances during the job application process. Besides drafting the perfect application papers and preparing for the job interview, this workshop also focuses on German manners in this context. Additionally, you’ll learn where and how to get your qualifications recognized.

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Art der Maßnahme Einzelseminar
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Kurstage Montag - Freitag
Anzahl Kurstage 1
Unterrichtseinheiten (je 45 Minuten) 6