German test for immigrants

Tricos GbR is a recognised and authorized carrier of immigration courses and supported by the Federal Ministry oft he Interior according to a decision of the German Federal Parliament. In the year 2005 integration courses were introduced within the framework of the immigration law and serve foreigners in Germany to gain German language skills. The implemention is regulated in the integration course regulations.

A integration course consist of two parts: In a language couse skills on the level B1 of the Common Europe Framework of Reference (CEFR) are taught in 600 lesson units. In the orientation course in further 60 lesson units knowledge about culture, country and people is conveyed, to facilitate dealing with authorities for migrants.

The language course is finished with the German Test for Immigrants (Deutschtest für Zuwanderer – DTZ). In the case of success DTZ leads to settlement permit Germany and is therefore part of the immigration regulations.

The German Test for Immigrants is divided into four parts (listening, speaking, reading, writing) and is addressed to migrants from the age of 16 years up, that are familiar with the Latin script. The evaluation of the test results is carried out on the basis of a complex catalogue of criteria according to the settlement conditions of the Common Europe Framework of Reference. Evaluation of the written part takes place centrally by telc GmbH in Frankfurt am Main. The oral part is evaluated on the spot by licensed examiners.

Exam dates in Stuttgart

location exam exam day last application date exam day
Stuttgart DTZ Saturday 31.05.2021 03.07.2021
Stuttgart DTZ Saturday 28.06.2021 31.07.2021
Heilbronn DTZ Saturday 28.06.2021 31.07.2021
Stuttgart DTZ Saturday 28.07.2021 28.08.2021
Stuttgart DTZ Saturday 06.09.2021 09.10.2021
Heilbronn DTZ Saturday 06.09.2021 09.10.2021
Stuttgart DTZ Saturday 18.10.2021 20.11.2021
Heilbronn DTZ Saturday 18.10.2021 20.11.2021
Stuttgart DTZ Saturday 15.11.2021 18.12.2021
Heilbronn DTZ Saturday 15.11.2021 18.12.2021



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