Free Tour

Why do a Free Tour?

A free tour is the perfect kind tour to get in contact with a new destination. The guide will introduce you to the context of the city. The guide will lead you to the main sights and museums which you can visit later in more detail. You will get to know anecdotes and curiosities told by a local. And all of this in less than two hours.

Another very important point is that nobody will charge you for it. It will be in your hand to choose how much you will pay according to your budget and how well your guide has been performing.

Why choosing us?

The Free Tour is a part of your vacations and as that it should help us to disconnect from our daily lives. It shouldn’t only provide you with historical and cultural content but it should also be interesting and fun. Nobody wants to listen to a history lesson when on vacations.

And really, it’s pretty easy to make this tour a fun experience when you put it in the hands of our local guides from malaga. 

Enjoy discovering Málaga:

Discover the place where Pablo Picasso was born!

Why do people from Málaga have "pitufos y nubes? / smurfs and clouds" for breakfast?

Why do people the Spanish call us people from Málaga "boquerones? / anchovy"?

Why does the typical flower of Málaga only „grow“ in Málaga?

Discover the capital of the Costa del Sol submerging yourself in its history without missing anecdotes and curiosities only a local from Málaga could tell you. In a span of about two hours you will see the main monuments like the Cathedral, the Roman Theatre or the Alcazaba while you learn how to order a cup of coffee in Málaga, what flower grows here and why the cathedral of Málaga is called the „one-armed lady“.


   WHEN? From monday to saturday

   WHAT TIME? 11:30 am and 7:30 pm

   MEETING POINT? Plaza de la marina

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