Regular private lessons

….when things are not running so smoothly

We are convinced that any student can improve his/her grades and can strenghen his/her performance. Often, however, first of all students fail to achieve this on their own. At this point we want to appear as a competent partner. We support students with their current knowledge and difficulties, set goals together and work towards them, develop solutions, give advice and structure their learning behavior so that they are able to walk on their own paths independently again after some time.

In doing so, we carry out a learning test with the student and place a competetent learning partner at his/her disposal. Our learning partners are prepared for students regularly and specifically, so that students also in small learning groups are individually prepared all time. We record learning progress promptly in our summary, which is available at any time. Additionally, regular conversations with the parents take place to inform about the child’s actual situation.

…if you want that little extra something

Not every student that comes to us requieres inevitably support. Because among our numerous students we have a lot who are generally satisfied with their educational perfomance, meaning they do well or even very well at school. They have the need to keep this level, nevertheless to improve -if possible-, or just to quench their thurst for knowledge and for more information.

Also in this case of course we place a qualified and selected learning partner at your disposal. He or she will take care of the student and pay attention to the student’s needs.

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