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The most famous English test worldwide

The exam Test of English as a Foreign Language/TOEFL is the most accepted English language test worldwide. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) of the american university Princeton developed this test, which has been passed already from more than 27 million participants. In many English speaking countries it is obligatory to be admitted at universities. More than 8500 universities, agencys and other institutions in more than 130 countries accept the results of the TOEFL test.

Nowadays, the exam exists in three diferent types: TOEFL ITP (paperbased test), TOEFL iBT (internetbased test, which is done by the mayority of students) and TOEFL Junior (paperbased test for pupils).

Depending on the test, exams in the levels A2-C1 can be carried out according to the specifications of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Normally, participiants receive their results pretty quickly within 7 to 14 days after the day of the exam.

Tricos is one of the germanwide only aprox. 250 licenced examination centers of ETS and can therefore directly in its premises offer and hold TOEFL exams in the levels A2-C1.

Information and fees

Fees overview 



TOEFL ITP  145 Euro

Order a certificate

  30 Euro

Express exam correction

  50 Euro

Late registration fee

If one registers after our deadline, we raise a late registration fee.

  40 Euro





After your exam has been evaluated, we hand your score report out. An additional certificate costs 30 Euro. The score report has to be collected personally or via an authorized person (written authorization needed!). Optionally and only by written request the certificate might be send to you by registered mail. In this case we will charge the additional fees.


The exam fees are based on the fees of the LTS GmbH. If you already visited a course at tricos we only charge you the exam itself. Otherwise the exam fee is higher.

Individual examination

By request we can arrange an individual examination. We'll charge additional 80 Euro per exam to the regular price of your examination level.

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